Richard McCapes: Although Steve is a person that is very much in demand, he was easy to contact and responded quickly. I asked Steve to start the job earlier than anticipated because my wife was ill. Steve got to work quickly, and began creating a piece of art. Steve was very friendly, all business, knew exactly what he had to do, made great use of time, easy to work with and truly is an artist. Steve knows how to work stone, proportions, knows the plants well. There truly are no complaints about Steve, only admiration for a person and for a landscaper. Now that my yard is completed, it truly is a thing of beauty: balanced, calming, spacious, it's just perfect. I really do love every part of the yard, and receive many compliments from everyone who visits. - Photo's of McCapes backyard can be found in "Featured Work: McCapes" 




Pam Crites: Steve truly was a joy to work with, and honestly a joy to have around. He is hardworking, does not waste a single second of his time and perfects every inch of his design. I truly love my yard: it is peaceful, calming and beautiful. My neighbors often joke about paying me to be able to look at the beautiful fence everyday. The only thing I dislike about my finished yard is that it means Steve will not longer be around. He has become part of the family.Photo's of Crite's backyard can be found in "Featured Work: Crites"